Sunday, March 2, 2014


I haven't filed. No, I don't mean the 2013 ones - heaven's sake, it's only the first blush of March. I can be forgiven for not quite having them together.

I haven't filed for 2012. And, ahem, 2011.

I've got excuses. Lordamighty I have excuses.

But. With all excuses, they don't really matter.

My 2013 taxes, one of my erstwhile employers has not sent out a W2. And, oh yeah, my husband refuses to locate any of his W2s and send them to the tax preparer.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


I saw this graphic that has stuck with me.

As I read through it, I realized I haven't kept a journal - a REAL journal - in years.

But. I have occasionally spat words in this general direction.

So I though I would give it a try.

I thought I would try to be more successful. Or, heck, successful at all.

We'll see how that goes...

Love to you all. (No, really).