Saturday, January 31, 2015

The oddest thing

Someone said the oddest thing to me. And it's making me ridiculously happy. 

I can't explain it adequately. I'm not sure I want to try. Because I know that if I think too much about it, there's a chance it'll stop making me ridiculously happy. 

And I like this moment. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

It's Monday morning and I feel like singing

And I hope you feel the same.

No real reason, other than the fresh possibility of a new week is dawning. And I like my job. And I am making the right decision with the divorce.

I still need to type up the divorce agreement. Which is probably going to translate into my not typing up an agreement, and spending too long on the phone with the divorce lawyer who charges me millions to take my call.


I have a nanny interview on Tuesday and cleaning service quotes (long story as to why that's relevant but it is).

See, H has not been working for months.  He's been at home, playing house hubby.  And my house is so currently disgusting it boggles the imagination.  I'm talking get your own A&E show disgusting. (Okay, so not such a long story as to why a cleaning service quote is relevant).

And H is moving out.

And I'm going to wash that man right out of my hair.

And clean the house of the filth he's allowed to accumulate.

And exterminate the cockroaches he's allowed to fester.


It's Monday morning and I feel like singing.

And I hope you feel the same.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Lately I've become a hug whore.

Not even sure that's a thing, but it's the phrase that best describes where I am at this moment.

I need a hug.

Feel free to send one along.

On my list of things to do is to type up my divorce agreement. PARTY!

And I don't want to do it. BUT. I want it to be done. And I really wish that H would do it. But if he was someone that could get things done. Well. I probably wouldn't be divorcing him.

And I need a hug.

I went out the other night. Admittedly, with co-workers. But I like my co-workers, so it was a good time. A reasonably good time. (They see me as someone who I am not, and at some point I should probably spend a minute blogging about THAT. But not today).

So I am out with co-workers. And I got hugs. People who chose to through their arms around me VOLUNTARILY and embrace me. One even drew me close to tell me a secret. SWOON!

That hasn't happened in a long time, either.  

And today, I am walking up to random people and hugging them.

Not random, random. But random.

And I need a hug.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Good morning

I wanted to get blindingly drunk.

But last night, I did the next best thing - I went out with folks who got blindingly drunk while I stayed stone cold sober. (Hey - someone has to be the designated Uber-caller).

It was fun.

How is your morning going?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Perhaps I should explain. (Or perhaps not).

A few months ago, I went looking for my happy place. I changed my hair. I started exercising. But, in the end, it was all bullsh*t.

Because my happy place is wherever my husband (H) isn't.

He has grown to hate me, over the years. Not a red-hot florid hate that all can see, but a soft delicate pink of a hate that seeps and sinks into everything until... until. Until I hate myself, more than I thought possible. And nothing that I can do can ease that ache.

But then. Because there always is a "but then" with these stories, isn't there?

But then I met people and made friends. And I wish - I dearly wish - I could throw in a line such as "I met someone new and fell in love."  But I met people. And I made friends. And I made new connections with people who didn't hate me.

And I should add - I am the most awkward person on the planet. No, seriously. I don't meet people. I don't make friends. H has consistently chided and mocked me for this. He has, in the past, introduced me saying, "this is Nica and she has no friends." (Awesome, right?) So the fact that I had people, someone in my life who saw me, liked me and with whom I connected - that was huge. That is huge.

And I asked for a divorce.

Hell, I more than asked. I filed the paperwork.


Now I need to write up the divorce agreement. Which is stupidly hard to do and I find myself avoiding. But I have to do it. (I KNOW). And I wish - I dearly wish - I could throw in a line such as "and now I am happy." But I'm not. Yet. But I know - I truly know - that this is the right thing to do.

And. By the way?

It's my birthday.