Monday, January 26, 2015

It's Monday morning and I feel like singing

And I hope you feel the same.

No real reason, other than the fresh possibility of a new week is dawning. And I like my job. And I am making the right decision with the divorce.

I still need to type up the divorce agreement. Which is probably going to translate into my not typing up an agreement, and spending too long on the phone with the divorce lawyer who charges me millions to take my call.


I have a nanny interview on Tuesday and cleaning service quotes (long story as to why that's relevant but it is).

See, H has not been working for months.  He's been at home, playing house hubby.  And my house is so currently disgusting it boggles the imagination.  I'm talking get your own A&E show disgusting. (Okay, so not such a long story as to why a cleaning service quote is relevant).

And H is moving out.

And I'm going to wash that man right out of my hair.

And clean the house of the filth he's allowed to accumulate.

And exterminate the cockroaches he's allowed to fester.


It's Monday morning and I feel like singing.

And I hope you feel the same.

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Elizabeth said...

it sounds like good riddance!